Tuition Information

2014-15 Academic Year


Undergraduate Tuition
$395 per credit hour

Graduate Tuition
$500 per credit hour.

Additional Fees:

Technology Fee

  • $120 per semester for full-time students
  • $60 per semester for part-time students

Online Course Fee

  • Online fee for all programs (except theology) – $150 per 3 credit hour course .
  • Online fee for theology – $100 per 3 credit hour course.
  • Online Fee for Idc 100 – $25 per 1 credit hour course.


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Online Tuition Payment

Visit to set up your tuition payment.

Note: In order to receive full-time financial aid, a student must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. A student who takes at least 6 credit hours can receive part-time financial aid.

Don’t let money keep you from fulfilling your dreams! Brescia University’s financial aid staff will help you through this process.

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