Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Program Description

Brescia University Online offers its B.A. in Political Science for students who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the dominant fields within the Political Science discipline. Our program empowers students to prepare for successful careers in public, private, domestic and international sectors, all while becoming knowledgeable and responsible citizens. Political Science examines the relationships between individuals and governments, group behaviors related to domestic and international conflict and cooperation, processes and parties involved in domestic policymaking as well as international issues and those involved. Political science helps us to understand, as citizens of our localities, states, countries and the world, what our rights and responsibilities are.

Program Goals

After successful completion of the online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree, students will be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of domestic and international politics, and their personal role in those environments. In addition to a wide spectrum of subjects, students will develop strong qualitative and quantitative research skills, robust analytical skills, extensive written and oral communication skills as well as comprehensive administrative and organizational skills.

Career Outlook

With the online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree, students will be equipped to compete for a wide spectrum of jobs in local, state and federal governments; domestic and international nonprofit organizations; and the law, business and journalism sectors. Furthermore, students who choose to continue their education beyond a bachelor’s degree will be well prepared for graduate schools focused on professional, research and teaching programs.

Transfer Credits Welcome

Brescia University gladly accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited schools. Students can transfer a maximum of 67 credits from a community college and a maximum of 86 credits from a university. Students who have attended college previously should submit all transcripts to Brescia for consideration. To graduate, students must have earned a combined 128 credit hours.

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