Associate Business Degree Online

Associate Business Degree Online

Associate of Science Degree with a Major in Business 100% Online

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The online Associate of Science Degree with a Major in Business, one of Brescia University’s destination programs, provides students with an introduction to basic business models and modern business practices. Students also learn skills to conduct business in a variety of organizations and environments. The associate degree program encourages critical thinking and prepares students to become lifelong learners in a constantly changing global environment.

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    Career Outlook
    Among the job positions for which the Associate in Business degree will prepare students are bookkeeper, human resource assistant, customer service representative, salesperson, receptionist, or administrative assistant.
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    Transferable Credits
    Many Brescia students use the Associate in Business online degree as a gateway into a Bachelor Degree program. All the courses in the Associate Degree Program have the same content and academic rigor as the Bachelor Degree courses and are transferable to Brescia University’s Bachelor of Science Degree, with a major in Business or Accounting. Graduation Requirement: 63 credit hours General Education Requirement: 27 credit hours
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    Accelerated Degree
    Most courses and electives are presented in a shortened calendar schedule of eight-weeks in an online format that provides students the opportunity to earn the Associate Degree as quickly as eighteen (18) months.
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    Knowledge and Skills
    Through the successful completion of courses in management, marketing, accounting, and economics, the Associate of Science with a Major in Business online degree provides the foundation of knowledge and skills and will prepare graduates to enter and build a successful career. Supported by a strong liberal arts tradition, Brescia students are empowered to aspire to an independent spirit, creative adaptability to change, and openness to lifelong learning.

Course Listing

General education requirement: 27 credit hours

Major Subject Requirements: 21 Credit Hours
ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II 3
BAD 103 Introduction to Software Applications 3
BAD 301 Business Law 3
ECO 202 Economic Concepts II 3
MGT 306 Management Concepts 3
MKT 307 Marketing Concepts 3

Electives: Use to bring credit total to 63 hours.

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