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Don’t distress, de-stress! Social workers can help

Posted by on May 22, 2013  /   Posted in Social Work News

Stress is a common occurrence for many people. Juggling work, family and other obligations can take its toll. Don’t let stress get the better of you. The first step to dealing with stress is understanding it. From there, you can employ several tactics to help manage and mitigate your stress levels. Read on for more

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Drug Abuse and the Kentucky Family

Posted by on April 30, 2013  /   Posted in Social Work News

Kentucky, along with many other states in the nation, is facing a silent epidemic. The non-medical use and abuse of prescription drugs is a severe problem in many areas of the state, but the general population remains largely unaware of the issue. The truth is that, according to the Attorney General, Kentucky has the sixth

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Social Work: Protecting Your Title

Posted by on April 16, 2013  /   Posted in Social Work News

You wouldn’t want a doctor who hadn’t been through medical school or a lawyer who hadn’t passed the bar. So why should companies and organizations be allowed to place candidates without a social work degree in a social work position? Many believe that they shouldn’t. Social workers reach out to people when they are most vulnerable. It takes a special skill set

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Debunking Misconceptions: What Social Workers Actually Do

Posted by on March 13, 2013  /   Posted in Social Work News

Misconceptions persist about the breadth and depth of services offered by social workers. This article examines the role of social workers and how they help the public at large. There’s a lot more to social work than most people realize. Misconceptions and stigmas about the profession may prevent people from taking advantage of the help

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Team Building Exercises for Children

Posted by on March 05, 2013  /   Posted in Social Work News

While pursuing a social work degree, you may encounter children who need assistance building trust and teamwork skills. We’ve outlined eight cooperative games that both challenge and entertain children while teaching them vital social skills and how to interact with peers. Today’s children face new and different challenges than those before them. Technology can overwhelm

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