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Top 10 Reasons for Leaving a Job: What Managers Should Know

Posted by BUOnline on February 19, 2019  /   Posted in Management News

As a manager, the departure of an employee can be a stressful time. The event means lowered productivity, extra time and energy spent seeking a replacement, and even uncovering difficult truths about the work environment they’ve left. While employees leave jobs for a variety of reasons, it’s crucial for managers to understand those considered most

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An Introduction to Trade Show Marketing

Posted by Brian Neese on March 07, 2018  /   Posted in Management News

Trade shows used to conjure images of folding chairs and endless booths of salespeople. But now, trade shows involve glitz and glamour as companies invest major resources to creatively showcase their industries’ products and services to attendees. Major trade shows around the globe may feature anything, like performances by famous musicians, innovative multimedia exhibits from

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Business Psychology: Golem Effect vs. Pygmalion Effect

Posted by Rebecca Bernstein on December 14, 2017  /   Posted in Management News

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectations.” —Charles Kettering, American inventor Can managers’ expectations of their employees influence work outcomes? Absolutely. Dubbed the “Golem” and “Pygmalion” effects, these complementary psychological phenomena describe what happens when superiors communicate their feelings about their subordinates’ abilities to achieve. Familiarization with these effects is beneficial

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Grown-Up Bullies: Management Fights Back

Posted by on April 12, 2013  /   Posted in Management News

Bullies aren’t just a problem in schoolyards and online. In the past decade, the workplace bully has come under scrutiny. Though laws are in place to protect workers from sexual harassment and discrimination, company managers are still struggling to deal with adult bullies in the workplace. Spotting a Bully Like all bullying, workplace bullying can

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Online Master of Management Gives You a Global Prospective

Posted by on February 22, 2012  /   Posted in Management News

Graduates positioned for advanced career opportunities Today’s business environment is swiftly moving toward a global economy in which the distribution of goods, services and wealth are intertwined with nations around the world. Large corporations and even small businesses must understand this complex business environment to improve efficiency and turn a profit, and many of these

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