Understanding Personal Safety for Social Workers

Posted by BUOnline on March 19, 2019  /   Posted in Social Work News

Social workers intervene in the lives of clients at pivotal moments of change or crisis. While the goal of social work is to improve those moments and maintain the well-being of all parties involved, violence towards social workers can occur in agencies and in the field. Though most clients who social workers engage with will

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Top 10 Reasons for Leaving a Job: What Managers Should Know

Posted by BUOnline on February 19, 2019  /   Posted in Management News

As a manager, the departure of an employee can be a stressful time. The event means lowered productivity, extra time and energy spent seeking a replacement, and even uncovering difficult truths about the work environment they’ve left. While employees leave jobs for a variety of reasons, it’s crucial for managers to understand those considered most

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What Are the Different Types of Accounting?

Posted by BUOnline on January 07, 2019  /   Posted in Accounting

Students and career-changers may be surprised to learn about the different types of accounting jobs. To the average person, accounting is a relatively straightforward employment area. There is little variety in the field’s career titles and day-to-day tasks that accountants perform. That’s hardly the case. Accountants do more than prepare and examine financial records. They

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Understanding Community Organizing Models

Posted by BUOnline on November 12, 2018  /   Posted in Social Work News

For ordinary people to effectively build systems of change, strategic and cooperative work is often necessary. Enter community organizing. As a field concerned with generating grassroots political power, it is and continues to be a primary method for individuals, neighborhoods and the public at large to fulfill collective unmet needs. Community organizing is defined as

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The Importance of Manager Ethics

Posted by BUOnline on November 07, 2018  /   Posted in Business News

Employees, managers and executives should share a common goal: improve how the workplace operates. Improving operations doesn’t always mean by increasing sales or strategizing the organizations’ next business move. Sometimes, it can mean focusing on employee engagement and satisfaction, both of which depend on ethical topics and can lead to enhanced performance. Many organizations understand

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