Social Work Courses & Descriptions

** General Education course

**SW 280 Introduction to Social Work
This course introduces the student to the social work profession and the accompanying values, skills and knowledge bases. Social Work settings are examined, as are the many fields of practice available to the professional social worker. The history of the profession as well as the history of human welfare is emphasized.

**SW 301 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
This course presents a social systems framework from which to examine individual and family systems. There is a strong emphasis on the social and behavioral theories of human development.
Prerequisites: SW 280, Psy 105, Soc 204, Bio 100, or permission. (One of three may be taken as a co-requisite with advisor approval.)

**SW 302 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
A continuation of SW 301. Focus is on human behavior in the social environment, with an emphasis on groups, organizations, and communities from a social systems perspective.
Prerequisite: SW 301.

SW 304 Practice I
Introduction to knowledge, principles, values, and skills for generalist social work practice. Prerequisites: SW301, admission to program.

SW 305 Field Practicum I
A generalist base for social work practice that involves on-site field agency practicum, and a weekly seminar that focuses on continuing skill building for generalist social work practice. Integrates classroom learning with learning taking place during the field practicum.
Prerequisite: SW 304

SW 306 Practice II
Practice II continues the development of knowledge, values, and skills for generalist social work practice, with the focus being at the group level.
Prerequisites: SW 304, Admission to Field

SW 308 Practice III
This course continues the development of knowledge, values, and skills for generalist social work practice. The focus, however, is on generalist practice at organizational and community levels using a social systems approach.
Prerequisites: SW 304

**SW 310 Social Issues in Diversity
An in-depth study of several groups with minority status in the U.S.: Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanic and Caribbean Americans, women as a minority group, and the gay and lesbian population. Students will be introduced to patterns which emerge as individuals and members of groups interact. Students will gain knowledge about social work practice with members of diverse populations.

SW 313 Social Work and Aging
This course examines the social aspects of aging, including changing role definitions of the elderly and the special problems of growing old in today’s society. Services to the elderly, economic and social justice issues as well as implications for social work practice are discussed.

SW 381 Ethical Considerations in Social Work
This course is designed to heighten students’ sensitivity to the ethical aspects of social work practice, to aid them in developing a personal approach to such issues, and to help them consider the essential elements in ethical decision making in professional practice.

SW 401 Social Welfare Policy
This course examines the issues and problems of social welfare policy within the historical context of human service delivery systems. The student is encouraged to think critically about major pieces of legislation affecting the lives of human beings, especially in the Advocacy as a method of social work practice is emphasized.
Prerequisites: SW 280, *Pls 201, *Eco 204. (*May be co-requisite with advisor approval)

SW 405 Research Methods in Social Work
This course is an introduction to the logic and techniques of research in the social sciences. Emphasis is on measurement, sampling, research design and data analysis.

SW 406 Field Practicum II
On-site field agency practicum integrating generalist social work knowledge, values and skills. Classroom seminar provides an opportunity for all seminar practicum students to integrate learning with practice experience.
Prerequisites: Must be senior status; SW 305

SW 410 Research and Statistics
In this course, the student will have the opportunity to conduct the research outlined in the proposal developed in Research Methods. Students will be introduced to and expected to demonstrate competence with the Statistical Program for the Social Sciences (SPSS). As a part of this continued process, the student will learn to collect the data, analyze the data collected, write up findings and present the findings to interested constituents/stakeholders.
Prerequisites: SW 405, junior or senior status