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The Psychology of Dreams: Inside the Dream Mind

Posted by Rebecca Bernstein on September 23, 2016  /   Posted in Psychology News

Why do we dream? How do dreams provide insight into the mind? Are dreams relevant to waking life? From ancient times when dreams were considered to hold prophetic powers to the neurological phenomena studied today, dreams remain one of psychology’s most enduring mysteries. Although scientists continue to research the answers to these questions, they build

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Social Work vs. Clinical Psychology

Posted by Tricia Hussung on March 28, 2016  /   Posted in Psychology News, Social Work News

For many choosing a career in social services, the biggest choice to make is between pursuing social work or psychology. While the two disciplines have some similarities, they differ in ways like required level of education and earning potential. Both social workers and psychologists help people deal with problems that interfere with daily life, but

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Which Psychology Field Is Right for You?

Posted by LearningHouse on January 18, 2016  /   Posted in Psychology News

Much like the human behaviors that mainstream psychologists study, there is a large variety of fields in the larger area of psychology. This offers those interested in psychology countless doors on what to specialize in. There are some areas that may be more suited to your personality and interests. Branches of Psychology Different types of

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What is a Clinical Psychologist?

Posted by on July 12, 2013  /   Posted in Psychology News

Clinical psychology is one of the most popular concentrations within psychology. This area of psychology focuses on treating mental illness and psychiatric problems through observation, experimentation and psychotherapy. In most states, clinical psychologists are not medical doctors and do not prescribe drugs to patients. Within this subfield of psychology, psychologists can further specialize in areas

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What is a Sports Psychologist

Posted by on July 11, 2013  /   Posted in Psychology News

A sports psychologist applies the theories and principles of psychology to sport and exercise. The field of sports psychology is relatively young, but it is a broad discipline that can help professional and amateur athletes alike.  Sports psychology is technically a division of kinesiology and physical education. However, a strong background in psychology is helpful

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