Business Degree Online

Business Degree Online

Bachelor of Science in Business Online

The business world is competitive and fluid. As business models and theories evolve, so must the skills of today’s business men and women. If your career is starting to stagnate, stir things up by going back to school. The Bachelor of Science in Business, one of Brescia University’s destination programs, is administered fully online by faculty members who are experienced and accomplished in the field.

Program Goals

The Business degree online program offered at Brescia University is designed with the adult student in mind. The program aims to provide a broad business knowledge base. Students can customize their degree for a specific field through elective courses. Graduates of the program are prepared to succeed in leadership roles and as ethical professionals in the business community.

Career Outlook

Career opportunities in all sectors of business are on the rise. A bachelor’s in business is one of the most popular degrees in America because the degree is applicable in so many industries. Depending on location and specialization, professionals who hold a business degree can expect to earn between $45,000 and $80,000 annually.

Transfer Credits Welcome

Brescia University gladly accepts transfer credits from regionally accredited schools. Students can transfer a maximum of 67 credits from a community college and a maximum of 86 credits from a university. Students who have attended college previously should submit all transcripts to Brescia for consideration. To graduate, students must have earned a combined 128 credit hours. Courses from Brescia’s Associate of Science in Business online degree can be applied toward bachelor’s requirements.

Course Listing

General education requirement:  57 credit hours                                                                                              
Including 6 hours of Math: Mth 111 and Mth 113,
OR Mth 211 and 212, OR Mth 213, 305, or 308 if appropriate; and Eco 201

Major subject requirements:
33 credit hours                                                                                                       

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting I 3 credit hours
ACC 202 Principles of Accounting II 3 credit hours
BAD 103 Introduction to Software Applications (or CS107, 108 and 109) 3 credit hours
BAD 301 Business Law 3 credit hours
BAD 318 Business Statistics 3 credit hours
BAD 405 Management Information Systems 3 credit hours
BAD 499 Business Policy 3 credit hours
ECO 202 Economic Concepts II 3 credit hours
FIN 308 Financial Concepts 3 credit hours
MGT 306 Management Concepts 3 credit hours
MKT 307 Marketing Concepts 3 credit hours

Major subject electives: 9 credit hours

Chosen from any or all areas of business in consultation with the
academic advisor. (Courses in mathematics, computer studies, and
business ethics are generally acceptable as business electives.)
Free electives:                                                                                                   
Students may choose, in consultation with their advisor, other business or non-
business courses; students are encouraged to select courses from different disciplines when choosing their free electives.

Computer competency is met through BAd 103 OR CS 107, 108, and 109
Apply to Brescia’s online business degree program today and start the path toward a lucrative, in-demand profession.

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